Pitch : Interview with Wim Taymans in conjuction with PipeWire 1.0 release

We did an interview with Wim Taymans two years ago when PipeWire was included in Fedora 34. Now that we are heading to 1.0 it would be a good time to follow up with Wim and talk about what happened since and where we are going next.
Article Description:
Questions and answers with Wim Taymans about PipeWire, Fedora and Audio and video in general. To be scheduled to match the PipeWire 1.0 releas.e

Good followup. +1 from me.

+1. I’ve created Pagure card #237 to track this article’s progress. Let us know with a comment on that card when the article has been uploaded to our WordPress instance and is ready for review and publication.


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