[PITCH] Fedora Test Days

Hey Fedora Magazine team!

I would like to patch for multiple slots for Fedora QA test day. As we draw closer to release. we will be having 7-10 test days/week in the coming weeks. I will be planning them over the weekend and execute the “drafting” of posts from Monday onwards. This is a request in advance :slight_smile: Thanks you for all the support you folks provide us in every release :))

I give this a +1 but I think we should open a separate ticket for each test day or week to insure that we track them and get them published at the right time.

Please let us know the details as soon as you have the planning complete and we will be glad to work with you to get them publicised.

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@sumantrom The DNF5 test announcement is out, do you have an ETA for the next one(s)? Just so we can keep our eyes open for them.

I have drafted them [1/3] at Log In ‹ Fedora Magazine — WordPress

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