[PITCH] Fedora Test Day post

Hey Folks,

I would like to book a slot, on 5th of September, we have a few test days coming up which are a high impact on the upcoming beta.
i18n : Sep 07, 2021 - Sep 13, 2021
Audio : Sep 15, 2021
Gnome : Sep 09, 2021 - Sep 16, 2021

Thanks to all who make fedora better!!

Do you want to do this as one article (perhaps pinned for the duration of all events) or do you want separate articles (posted two days prior to each event)?

One article and if it’s pinned then it’s gonna be great!

I’ve created card #379 to track this article.


Thanks a lot!

@sumantrom We are going into our Editorial Meeting Thursday. Do you have a status for your article? I think the plan will be to have it published Sunday in lieu of the normal Monday article.


I am going to draft the post in some time and it will be awesome to get pushed this coming Sunday!.
Thanks :slight_smile: