[Pitch] Fedora 34 Upgrade, Pipewire and Virt Test Day

Hey Folks,

Post easter, QA team plans to do the final run of Upgrading, testing pipewire changes and Virtualization as a part of 3 test days. if we manage to get a signed shim in between, we will also have another test day for bootloader changes and finally if IoT test week syncs up, we will have all these announcements put out in one post!
It will be really helpful since, these are a few test days we would like to have covered before releasing.
I will be highly obliged to have a slot reserved for this post.

Happy Easter!!

Do you have a date in mind for us to reserve?

Upgrade is 7th
Pipwire is gonna be 9th
Virt on 13th
and IoT will be the week of 12 (IoT WG is yet to give the final affirmations)
and shim update is still pending.

The date will be 5th or 6th to publish the post. I will however create a separate comm-blog post for each one :slight_smile: and action @bcotton to review with grace :slight_smile:

I have drafted the post https://fedoramagazine.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=33207&action=edit
Please review and publish! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot to @bcotton for reserving me the dates :slight_smile:

@rlengland I see you’re already editing the post, so I’ll leave you to it. Let’s go ahead and publish as soon as you’re done to maximize the lead time.

@bcotton Suggestions for a feature image? Is there one that should be reused?

There should be a “test days” image available already.

@bcotton Yes. You are right, I even used it before. ( les sigh ).


Thanks @rlengland and @bcotton for making this through! :slight_smile:

@sumantrom Thanks for your contribution.

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@rlengland @bcotton The new shim dropped in Bodhi today morning my time and we would love to have the test day post updated. There will be a Grub and Shim Test Day this time pretty close to Go/No-Go.
The text can go like:

Bootloader Test Day
This test day will focus on ensuring the working of new shim and Grub with BIOS and EFI/UEFI with secure boot enabled. We would like to have the community test it on as many possible types of off the shelve hardware. The test day will happen 2021-04-12 through 2021-04-13. More information on Test Day:2021-04-12 Grub and Shim Test Day - Fedora Project Wiki

It will be great to have this bit added to the end of the article and thank you all for all the work here! we wouldn’t be getting so many contributors in test days without Fedora Magazine as a platform!