[Pitch] Article on Prioritized Bugs process

Summary: introduce users to Fedora’s “Prioritized bugs” process and our approach to fixing bugs in general

Description: We have a process for getting attention and resources on bugs that affect a lot of people but which are for some reason not getting fixed. I’d like to highlight that, and also explain a bit about how Fedora deals with bugs – how to report them, how they get fixed.


  1. Intro: bugs happen
  2. Bugs and the Fedora Linux release process.
  3. Problems with using that process for dealing with all bugs
  4. The Prioritized Bug process
  5. Reporting bugs
  6. Conclusion

I know I submitted a different pitch a while ago and haven’t gotten to it, but on the upside, this one is already drafted. :slight_smile:

+1! :slightly_smiling_face:

+1 I’ve created Card #306 and assigned it to you @mattdm

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Written and moved on the Kanban board.

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