[PITCH] Anaconda WebUI for Fedora Workstation by default test day 2024-02-22

This is a very last-minute pitch, I would still like to get this announcement out as this is BIG change.
Anaconda team is trying to get this change pushed in Fedora 40 and it requires some significant testing and even release blocking criteria changes. I am setting up the bits now and if the magazine team permits, I can get a draft out by tommo…

@sumantrom We can do that. I’ll open a ticket for it and let you know the number asap

Pagure ticket #259

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Thanks for all the support… Fesco has dropped WebUI for F40 and this test day ticket isn’t gonna be a priority. We will still have the test day , but at a later day and time. Thanks again for all the support!!

I will leave Pagure ticket #259 “on the books” but “in progress” and we can use it to address the future test day/week.