PipeWire with Jack clients' sound crackle at the DAC but not in the recorded file


When I run SuperCollider (compiled from source), with my laptop’s builtin sound card, and generate a sine wave, the sound from the headphones crackles randomly and constantly. However when I record the sound being played to a file in real time there are not visible discontinuities in the generated waveform or noise in the spectrogram.

I’m using Fedora 37 out of the box without any personal customization to PipeWire or Jack. Sample rate is 48kHz and buffer size is 1024 as shown when booting SuperCollider. The same issue happens with Audacity using the jack driver but there are no problems with PulseAudio applications.

This is somewhat weird to me, it looks like internally PipeWire is working without errors but the sound coming out the headphones is broken. Any idea why this could happen and how to solve it? I have not enough knowledge about PipeWire configuration, it’s wiki is just a reference and online QA forums are a bit outdated or misleading in technical aspects.

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