PipeWire not working on root user


I’ve installed F35 and the audio is only working on the normal users. Any one knows how to get PipeWire to work for root user as well?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe the wireplumber service is not started automatically for the root user like it is for normal users.

Yeah, I see many threads talking about using this command: #systemctl --user enable --now wireplumber
Which allows it only for normal users … They even mentioned the below as a note:
AS YOUR REGULAR USER from a terminal ( not as root or with sudo ),
I just wonder if this can be modified

I would not hope to do so.
The root user is intended to be used ONLY when the extra privileges are necessary for system administration. Operating as that user full time adds a significant security risk as well as potential for errors to become catastrophic.

Thus entertainment apps (including audio) are intended to be used by regular users only due to the potential security risks involved by operating them as the root user.

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