Pinebook Pro internal wifi issues

I’m not entirely sure how to best describe this issue, as some of it is (admittedly) over my head.

My Pinebook Pro is running Fedora 39, and has an issue with loading the driver/firmware for the internal wifi. (here’s a dmesg output that PaulFertser took a look at for me in the Pine64 chats: [ 0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0000000000 [0x410fd034][ 0.0 - to help identify the issue.)

Per Paul: “it looks like Fedora included brcmfmac driver in initramfs but didn’t include the firmware there.”

When i boot the PBP, the internal bluetooth is working, and wifi isn’t shown/recognized. lsmod shows brcmfmac loaded, but if I open a terminal and run ‘sudo rmmod brcmfmac; sudo modprobe brcmfmac’ the internal wifi is seen and will immediately connect to my network.

Paul suggested I debug dracut/initramfs: “My idea was to see with some additional debug/verbosity that it’s not getting added automatically for whatever odd reason.”

When searching for the best way to debug, i came across this: How to debug Dracut problems :: Fedora Docs

However, when I go into the grub entry for my current kernel I start running into obstacles. The first is a complete lack of a cursor to know where to edit the kernel command line. To get around this, I made a text doc on another computer so I could entirely rewrite the grub entry with the needed edits for debugging dracut. Unfortunately, each time I go through this method to add the debug options, the laptop will freeze before I can finish editing and I’m forced to do a hard reboot.

Is there a way i can remove “rhgb quiet” and add “ rd.debug log_buf_len=1M” to grub’s kernel command line from inside a user session?

I’m, of course, happy to provide any additional information that may help. Please just let me know.


Backup /etc/default/grub somewhere safe.

sudo grubby --remove-args=“rhgb quiet” --update-kernel=ALL

sudo grubby --args=“ rd.debug log_buf_len=1M” --update-kernel=ALL

And reboot.

I’m sure the Fedora Mobility group would like to hear about your issues, especially if there’s an issue with the build.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And thank you again for the link to the mobility group. I tried searchign to see if there was a Fedora group for ARM, but didn’t find anything. I’ll submit this issue to them, too.

No problem, I have PinePhone that I hope to get immutable Fedora working on. We might bump into each other again in the future.

I believe Fedora Chat #mobility / arm lists are the go-to channels to get started with sync / async communication.

Haha, I imagine we probably will bump into each other again!

Guess I need to sign up for Matrix so I can jump in that #mobility chat, now.