Pine64, Fedora 35, Gnome notice failure

Re: Pine64 phone, aarch64, Fedora 35, Gnome.

Can you help, or do you know who or how to fix the update?

I have run an dnf update on the cmdline, and I have a failure notice covering the Login password pad (See below).

Repo: njha/mobile Copr

It is stopping anyone entering the Desktop, and using the device.

It looks like the box below, within the dashed lines.

It is all white, with black writing.

See below, dashed lines are added by me.

Line covers the keyboard icon, Zero number, back space icon. Below (Covered) is the login button.

        Committed          Pending            GNOME

        Active:               Active:              A11y: enabled

        Purpose:               Purpose:

         Hint:              Hint:


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Bottom of screen/phone.

But, the block (within the dashed lines) covers the bottom of the password pad.

I can enter the password (Above bottom dashed line), but I can’t press enter/login button.

I can’t Login/Enter into the Desktop.

Do you know how to remove it?

Do you who to contact?

I have a serial console connection, but no other access.


2 things regarding this:

  1. You will want to sudo dnf rm osk-stub this will uninstall the osk-stub package from Phosh which is showing that box on login.
  2. You will want to upgrade to the build of Squeekboard here since that fixes an issue that went out with the version currently in the mirrors (I am really sorry about that… botched testing on my end). A command to do that would be sudo dnf up

If you can login with serial or even ssh (not sure if you’ve got wifi up and left the remote login turned on) then running those two commands and then issuing a reboot should resolve the problem there.

But now I have a question.
Are you actually running GNOME with the GDM? Or are you running Phosh?

I am running GDM and Gnome, I beleive?

I have a gdm.service.

The command sudo dnf rm osk-stub cannot find osk-stub, and fails.

sudo dnf up Works OK.

Many Thanks for the response.



Are you using the Fedora official image or the community mobile remix? The remix from github is using Phosh by default.

I am using the images from

which I thought were now the official aarch64 images?

See (Cut&Paste from mobile site);

"Status Updates

Upgraded (all grown up now in the official Fedora repositories :partying_face:):


Open Tickets: chatty"

Does this mean that the kernel image are not the official aarch64 version?

I see gdm.service is on the phone, but how can I tell if Phosh is being used also?

I’d be happy with the Official version!


$ps aux | grep gdm >grep --color=auto gdm

$ps aux | grep phosh >: phosh
> phosh

So, it looks as if both are running ?

Also, a changes has happened during this mornings update;
The Gnome failure notice has moved from the Password/login pad, to the desktop?
Still can’t remove it?

But, I can now login.
If I can use it, I can wait for an update?

Please notice the phosh-osk-stub?
Did you mean to remove it by the cmd you sent?
As in; $sudo dnf remove osk-stub

Should I have gdm.service running, or even on the phone?

Does this help?

Is there a test I can run?



Ah yes, sudo dnf rm phosh-osk-stub is what I meant. You shouldn’t have that and squeekboard at the same time and I messed that up.

So you are using Phosh. No need to do anything else with gnome (unless you want to run actual desktop gnome instead of Phosh)

I have removed phosh-osk-stub, and all is back to normal.

Many thanks.


Roger Moore.

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