Piling up issues: Proposal for a first measure

In a recent post, I described the problem. Maybe, 3 measures may contribute to an improvement


Currently, I get no notification about a new issue, new MR, or anything else going on with our repos. I’m wondering, how many of us experience the same. I know, I can configure it. But wouldn’t it be better to establish a systematic solution? Every member of docs-admin and docs-team group should automatically get a notification about issues and MRs – for the GitLab repos as well as pagure (Quick Doc).


Is it possible to automatically generate a monthly or bi-weekly report about the current number of open issues & MRs/PRs., new items and closed items in the report period. And again, it should automatically mailed to each member of docs-admin and docs-team.


The oldest issue and MR/PR should become a standing agenda item of our meetings.

About the notification, i use ‘Watch’ notification in Pagure that delivers to my email. You can tailor the level of notification and switch it off as needed.

In GItlab, I use bell button on repo. Please check Custom notification events that appear a plethora of options. Scroll down to custom and select one or multiple notification events.

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In GitLab analytics, we can consider issues and MR dashboard. LIttle bit of learning curve expected to configure it. See here.

Out of box insight/productivity reports show some metrics.

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I’be activated watch in pagure.io, but I get no notifications, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, could be helpful to activate that for groups mentioned above.

I don’t know how to activate this for group. Admin user may know more.

This is how I did for the user settings.

  • Go to user settings and make sure you added an email address
  • In preferences menu, click ‘Activate cc me to my actions’
  • To check entire list of interactions, I use activity dashboard for the watch list I selected.
    Once you log into Pagure, add /dashboard/activity in the end of URL and refresh to view activity dashboard.

I had watch set to “Watch Issues, PRs, and Commits” and my settings include my e-mail address. But it didn’t work. I added now the Activate cc option, let’s see, what happens now.