Phoronix-test-suite hangs for 30 seconds for no/all commands

Is anyone else seeing this? No matter what I try to do with this tool, it hangs for a long time, first, but seems to work, otherwise. I haven’t tried to run a benchmark, yet, but I can get info an install benchmarks with it. I’ve used PTS before and I don’t remember this. Did it always do this? Is there a way to make it skip whatever it is doing that causes this?

The ‘shell’ sub-command took about 5 minutes just to reach a prompt.

I was able to speeds things up significantly by changing the network timeout option from 20 to 3 (seconds, I’m assuming) and disabling ZeroConf network advertisement. But, it still takes about 10 seconds to get to the internal shell. A dramatic improvement, but still seems like there is a problem.

I reported this to phoronix forums (see here) and they said there are occasional slowdowns on the server side. Still don’t understand why there is so much network activity prior to command validation, though.

I would still recommend the configuration changes I mentioned previously–reduce network timeout and disable zeroconf–and consider reporting it to the phoronix forums so they know. They seem responsive.