"People" link in the top navigation bar?

I added a theme component which adds “People” to the top navigation — after Categories / Latest / Active / New / Unread / Bookmarks. I’ve enabled it in the “Testing” theme, which you can select In your preferences.

Should I enable this everywhere?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

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Before I vote, it’s not clear to me what purpose you propose this would serve. As a random contributor, why would I want to have quick access to this page?

I really have only a half-baked thought here, which is: it emphasizes the “Fedora is People!” concept.

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I voted “no” because I don’t think the cognitive cost of an additional option in the navigation bar is worth the value most people would get from the People page. It’s a weak “no” because the cognitive cost is pretty low, but so is the benefit.

If we can’t articulate why the average contributor would want to click a link in the nav bar (or other prominent part of the site), we probably shouldn’t add it.


One thing that’s a little different is that it’s called “Users” currently in ask.fp.o. Adding this is good, IMO, since people coming from ask.fp.o might expect to find it there. Not sure how big of a difference “People” vs “Users” is.

I don’t know, other than I look at it regularly, myself. Partly because I’m a nerd and like data and metrics. Partly also because it helps me keep track of my own activity in relation to general activity on the site. If I’m always in spot 1 or 2 week after week, maybe I should take a break and spend time with my kids, but if I’m not in the top 10 or so, maybe I need to step it up as a TL4. It’s also easier for me to give a +1 when people are nominated for TL4 when I see them being active in that page over time.

I’m also honestly not sure how to get to that page otherwise since I’m used to finding it there.

FWIW that’s a string change I made here because I didn’t want there to be confusion about “Fedora Linux users” vs the intended site users.

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I do prefer “People” (Citizens, Members, Consumers) to Users. I am not a User, but I am a person!

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