Pen Tablet>Silverblue>Cursor disappears after some time while drawing

Good day,

I’ve been checking this issue with both pen-tablets, with a Wacom Graphire A6 and with a Huion WH1409. It does not matter it the pen tablet is connected by cable or wireless. We are talking Fedora Silverblue 31 here.

To reproduce this issue, just need to follow this steps, whichever the tablet, outcome is the same:
1- Plug in the pen tablet
2- Open any software that uses it (Inkscape, Gimp, MyPaint, Blender, Krita…)
3- Start drawing
4- After some time drawing the pen cursor disappears from the screen, only mouse cursor visible

With this issue, it turns out to be too hard to use the pen tablet after those initial minutes where the tablet does work properly.
On item 4, the pen tablet is still usable, though there is no way to know where the cursor is until you start painting or dragging. Pretty messy.
[Edit] Well, I did some checking inside each app, and looks like the pen tablet is taken as a “touch screen” in Wayland. Actually, with a touch screen there would be no problem, as the place you put the pen/stylus is exactly the same on the screen, look at the screen, stylus and digitizer at the same time as screen and drawing pad are the same thing.

On a plain Pen Tablet digitizer, no screen, I look at the screen, not at the pad. But I can’t change the pad/stylus mode from “touchscreen” to cursor/screen/window whatever.
[end edit]

Any hints on how to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Good day,

This is odd. Before, I could use the Huion WH1409 when plugged through USB. Now I can’t. Its there, as lsusb reports ID 256c:006e, which is the ID of this device, whether it’s connected wireless or by USB.

Though PC reports the connection, wired can’t do anything, it’s there, does not move cursor, nothing.

Even weirder, when disconnecting the USB from the tablet, Firefox crashes. Gnome Logs reports an important issue with message " Process 8265 (firefox) of user 1000 dumped core, with a big stack trace of that thread. I’m puzzled. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Any hint even on how to gather information from the system to try to address the issue would be equally appreciated.


Good day,

Today the system started to behave quite erratically. The use of the pen tablet is still the same and hasn’t improved with last updates. Can use the pen tablet for a while in any app. Then cursor disappears and start drawing blind.

On the other hand, today software started to behave with “bad manners”. Blender, Gimp, Inkscape and Mypaint, all start to not allowing to do some tasks. Different software to different extent, and for a different period of time. e.g. Can’t use selction tool in Gimp, can’t move layers in Gimp, can’t select forms in Inkscape,…

Therefore I presume the issue is not just related to pen tablet, it goes deeper. I will carry on some test to be 100% certain about this, though facts point in that direction.

This is very awkward behavior.