Pdftk not available?

I need to do some batch operations on PDF files and every StackExchange answer to questions similar to mine involves pdftk. But with dnf I get no matches for dnf search pdftk, no matches for dnf provides pdftk, and the only Fedora-specific question about it that I could find was referencing Fedora Core 6.

There are some RHEL rpm’s available directly from the website, but I was hoping to find something distributed in a repository. Is anything like that available for Fedora?

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Pdftk was retired from Fedora 6 years ago. There is Stapler (in package pdf-stapler), which is a pdftk replacement written in Python. Alternatively, there was an article in Fedora Magazine discussing pdf modification tools, maybe one of those will suit your needs as well.


Thanks, pdf-stapler looks like what I’m looking for.

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