PDF & video thumbnails

Nautilus doesn’t seem to display thumbnails for PDFs or videos. Presumably it’s because Evince and Totem are flatpaks. Does anyone know if there is meant to be support for generating thumbnails with flatpak’d apps?

As a workaround I layered evince-thumbnailer to get PDF thumbnails.

Wild guess, should flatpaks export .thumbnailer files similar to .desktop (reading this thread https://github.com/flatpak/flatpak/issues/1286#issuecomment-354554684)?

I had to install Totem and the required gstreamer1 packages with rpm-ostree to be able to have mp4 thumbnails.

I also have the same issue. I do not get .cbr/cbz, .pdf, or video thumbnails with flatpaks installed. Is there a way to get the flatpak versions of the programs to properly display thumbnails?