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Instructions not filled in by author. Author knows what to do. Everybody else should avoid this repo.

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I am a bit confused.

The package this repo creates is called “wine-wayland”. But the instructions want me to install “wine”, that would be the plain standard wine from the fedora repos. That of course does not come with the wine wayland display driver.

Installing wine-wayland on the other hand will fail because each of the packages dependencies are set wrong. Each sub package is called wine-wayland-something.6.9-0.3.20210620.git47bdc96.fc34 but looking into the package informations at the dependencies, they are all listed as wine-something.6.9-0.3.20210620.git47bdc96.fc34 and of course DNF will not be able to resolve them.

I too have the same problem. Although I think this repo was made from master rather than wayland branch, so it doesn’t include the latest changes for Vulkan to work and likely will only work with opengl.

I’d like to know how patrick managed to build this from the source. When I try I get stuck with:
configure: error: libvulkan and libMoltenVK 64-bit development files not found, Vulkan won’t be supported.

But these errors are specific to the wayland branch, so it may just not be in a working state yet?

Hi Alex,

Sorry I missed your comment (also did not receive a notification). Thank you for pointing out the issue with the naming. I’ll check that and submit a new build.

Best, Patrick

Hi Tim,

Sorry I missed your comment. Thank you for your report. Alexandros has updated his wayand branch to 6.13 so I’ll update my build and resubmit.

Best, Patrick

@patrickl The repositories appear to be empty. Probably because the packages are built for F34, while the repositories are marked for F35 and F36

Hi Cristian, Thanks for letting me now. I have a backlog in things to update. I’m working on getting wine-tkg up-to-date and after that I’ll look at updating wine-wayland.

@patrickl do you still have a copy of the spec you’ve used to generate this? Maybe you can upload it somewhere so we can try to get it back working?

Hi @lecris

It’s available here: GitHub - plaimbock/wine-wayland: spec file for wine-wayland