Password Prompt Splash Screen fails for encrypted drives. Black Screen

User Story:
On a fresh install of Fedora Spin Cinnamon 35 and Fedora Silverblue 35 upon creating an encrypted drive during install, the first reboot/shutdown brings up a black screen. This is remedied by pressing ESC and typing in your password at the terminal prompt but the expected result should be to have the splash screen. Fedora 35 Workstation works as expected in various scenarios.

Issue: Black Screen at reboot, start up, reproducible on 5 distinct machines with different users. Press ESC brings up the terminal prompt below:

Expected: Splash Screen for password entry

A new user to the distro would have no idea what is happening. Which is what has happened in this case. My observation with Fedora Workstation is consistent even when replacing Grub with systemd-boot and encrypting drives in severeal configurations. Fedora Cinnamon was a typical install ( all defaults for install outside of selecting to encrypt the drive in the installer) The same with Silverblue. What exactly is breaking to omit the splash screen? Is this an issue with the Spins? Workstation is flawless…