Partition between two disks

My desktop has two disks, one is a solid state drive (1 TB) and the other one is a normal disk (4 TB). During the installation of Fedora 31, I selected both disks and used the automatic partition option. According to the partition information, the SSD has fedora_localhost_live and the other disk has boot and boot/efi.

I would like to know if I will be benefiting from the speed of SSD for my Fedora 31.

It it boost, or boot? It sounds to me like your system was set up to boot from the traditional hard drive, probably because it’s the first device on the bus.

That’s not ideal as it may make boot times somewhat longer, but as soon as the system starts up it will be running from the SSD, so in normal operation it should be fine.

Still, if it’s a new installation and wiping it wouldn’t cause any real loss, it might be worth re-doing the installation and telling it to only use the SSD (including setting it as the boot device). You could add the HDD as additional storage after the install process is complete.

It is boot. Sorry about my typo.

Do you mean that I should only use the SSD for installation and after the installation I can add additional storage? Could you give me some more specific instructions about this? Thanks.