Parole doesn't play AVI

To play AVI, player Parole says it need
MPEG-4 video decoder (Advanced Simple Profile)

for reference:

$ sudo dnf search mpeg-4
Last metadata expiration check: 0:16:10 ago on Tue Jul 12 21:45:49 2022.
=================================================== Summary Matched: mpeg-4 ====================================================
AtomicParsley.x86_64 : Command-line program to read and set MPEG-4 tags compatible with iPod/iTunes
gpac.x86_64 : MPEG-4 multimedia framework
xvidcore.x86_64 : MPEG-4 Simple and Advanced Simple Profile codec
xvidcore.i686 : MPEG-4 Simple and Advanced Simple Profile codec


$ rpm -qa xvidcore*
$ rpm -qa gpac*

Just in case

[user0@fedora ~]$ rpm -qa gstreamer1-libav*

AVI doesn’t play anyway


You likely need to enable the rpmfusion-free and rpmfusion-nonfree repos then install the non-free version of gstreamer1 and related codecs. I think fedora is blocked from distributing the codecs for mp3, mpeg, and avi files but they are available from rpmfusion.

A quick search for ‘how to play avi files on fedora’ gives this