Panels freezing and Steam crashing on Wayland Plasma

Seemingly at random, KDE Plasma’s panels freeze and no longer display any updates (widgets like the clock stop counting), however it can still be interacted with, for example if I click on the clock, the calendar will be shown. Shortly after this freeze the Steam Client will also crash and restart.

When I upgraded to Fedora 39 from Fedora 38, I decided to start using Wayland instead of X11 with my NVIDIA GPU, since I had heard that in future, releases would be dropping X11. It had been mostly smooth, however I noticed that the panels would occasionally freeze, and would only be fixed by quitting the entire plasmashell and restarting it.

I also noticed that shortly after the panels froze (maybe ~30 seconds later) the Steam client would crash and restart suddenly. I’m not sure if Steam is the cause of it or if they are both caused by some other root problem.

Fedora 39 on Kernel 6.5.11-300.fc39 and KDE Plasma Version 5.27.9

Let me know if there’s any other useful information I could provide.

Steam crashing and panels freezing doesn’t always coincide, but it’s usually when it happens.