Pam pam_tally2 missing bug or feature

Please point me in right direction if necessary. Searched on line and failed. Don’t like to file duplicate/unnecessary bug reports.

pam_tally2 use to be (fc29) in the pam rpm. Only a few files in fc30 rpm. No functionality. Seems to be available upstream.

Should I risk filing a fc30 bug? Thanks.

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Hi @royboy626—welcome to the community! Please take a minute to look at the introductory posts in #start-here if you haven’t already.

I had a quick look at the spec file for the pam package, and it says in the changelog at

* Tue Dec  4 2018 <maintainer name and e-mail removed> 1.3.1-14
- Update Red Hat PAM modules to version 1.0.0 which includes pam_faillock
- Drop also pam_tally2 which was obsoleted and deprecated long time ago

Unfortunately, I don’t know pam well enough to know what replaced this particular function.

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pam_tally2 if for secure your system and track all failed login, lock user accounts, count, clear, log and etc…

@FranciscoD, point out you in this direction…


The new directive manage that situation but works in a different way,


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