Pagure Exporter is available. Should we move Fedora Badges artwork to GitLab?

Hi Badges folks! Recently, @t0xic0der debuted the Pagure Exporter tool. This tool allows a full export of a Pagure repository to a GitLab repository. The features of the exporter are as follows:

  • Transferring repository files from Pagure projects to GitLab
  • Filtering repository transfer operation by branch names
  • Transferring issue tickets from Pagure projects to GitLab
  • Filtering issue ticket transfer operation by statuses and identities
  • Migrating states, comments, and tags/labels for issues

Ask for Fedora Badges team

So, the ask to the Badges Team is about whether we want to plan a migration from the Pagure repository to a GitLab repository in the near-term future. We have the tooling now to do this, but there are a lot of moving pieces to coordinate:

  • Migrating our workflow
  • Updating documentation
  • Helping people adopt the new workflow

The goal is to determine (1) whether we are ready to make this change, and (2) when we want to take those steps for migration.

More about the tool

The tool can be found on GitHub below:

My first intuition is:

(1) Yes, we are ready pending the required changes to the documentation.
That can be prepared in a PR (or MR in GitLab terminology :sigh:) to the
docs repo, which will be merged after the repo has been migrated.

(2) Let’s plan this in coordination with some sort of Badges 2.0
milestone. That will have a lot of changes to the ecosystem anyway. And
this feels like the right moment to get people to move from Pagure to

Right now there is not much activity on the Badges Pagure repo, except
for badge requests and the occasional bug report. However, I feel doing
it now, while Badges 2.0 is still in the works, will send the wrong
signal and possibly get users confused.

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@gui1ty I think that is great feedback. Timing it to an early alpha or beta release of the new Badges system makes the most sense. It should likely happen whenever we intend to stop designing badges with the old style guide and instead move to the new one.

This applies to docs and other things we’ve put in Gitlab (and Github), but — we need to make sure we have a backup and disaster-recovery strategy here. I appreciate GitLab’s ongoing gift of free access for Fedora, but there is no guarantee.

@mattdm I suspect this is a conversation that we need to have at the level of Fedora Council and I would not put the onus of this responsibility on the Fedora Badges team to figure out.

This could also be said about Pagure, given Pagure’s general state of maintenance. Git is a decentralized protocol by nature. We need clarity on the dist-git migration but that clarity is not here yet. I trust that if GitLab announced they were folding, we would have time to migrate off to something else and that we would not be the only ones in that situation.

It is not an ideal situation but it is the situation we are in.