PAGESIZE 16K and qemu-static pagesize 4K on Apple Arm M2?

Hi I’ve been loving my Asahi remix. I’ve just been trying to close a few gaps with some x86_64 apps that I don’t have the source for (Zoom in particular).

Usually I have no problem on a RPi or aarch64 SBC with 4K page size using podman --arch=amd64 to run apps like this but I see in Apple M2 pagesize is 16K vs the standard 4K. This creates all kinds of page offset errors sadly and is a known issue in QEMU static. I think you might actually be able to run podman with qemu-static PAGESIZE of 4k but it seems to choke on everything I do. Anyone have any tips or a working image/static app I can test?

m2$ getconf PAGESIZE

Running with default PAGESIZE 16K works but then the container reports 4K size anyway because that’s how the image is configured. I keep hitting ELF issues with that about page alignment. “ELF load command address/offset not page-aligned”

$ podman run --rm --arch=amd64 \
  -e QEMU_PAGESIZE=4096 \
  --name fedora-x86_64 -ti \
  fedora /bin/bash
qemu-x86_64-static: /usr/bin/bash: Error mapping file: Invalid argument

Hello @boeroboy ,
Maybe check options for crun. I was looking at crun update which seems to contain some of the memory constraints settings. Just a suggestion since I don’t run Mac hardware.