Packaging request for home automation hacking — cc2538-bsl

I’ve been playing with some home automation and zigbee stuff, and found that

is a pretty useful tool to have. From its self-description:

“a python script that communicates with the boot loader of the Texas
Instruments CC2538, CC26xx and CC13xx SoCs (System on Chips). It can be used
to erase, program, verify and read the flash of those SoCs with a simple USB
to serial converter.”

As a simple script, it’s easy to just grab and run, of course, but it seems like something that’d be particularly nice to just be there for Fedora IoT use cases (available in toolbx at least).

I’d package it up, but I’m blocked on actually adding new packages by Issue #10441: why can't the scm scripts find me? (failure to create repo after package review) - fedora-infrastructure -, so… if someone else would be interested in doing it, I can review?