Packaging Guidelines ambiguity - i686

During a work on removing i686 variant from my packages, I’ve found this ambiguity in FPG (Fedora Packaging Guidelines).

The FPG says:

Each architecture listed in ExcludeArch needs to have a bug filed in bugzilla, describing the reason that the package does not compile/build/work on that architecture.


and there is no exception from this rule described for the I686 architecture.

However in the Fedora Change “Encourage I686 Leaf Removal” accepted for F37, the Summary says:

Dropping i686 architecture support from a leaf package will no longer be considered a breaking change, will not require any announcements, or tracker bugs.

I’d say that the owner of the Fedora Change forgot to update the Guidelines.

However I’m asking here to make sure what is the correct process now and whether we should update the Guidelines to reflect this state.


There is an open issue for it; it just needs a bump to be put on the radar again.

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