Packaging Godot Games

Are there any godot games that are packaged for Fedora? They recently had people talking about that on a Debian games list. It made me wonder if there is an existing godot game on Fedora. It looks like we have godot-runner package so we should just need the pck file and a dependency to runner. Of course that assuming you don’t have gdnative code.

By packaging I mean rpm. I prefer them over flatpaks.

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I guess it is time to just try it out. I’ve created an rpm for Pigeon Ascent.

Source RPM:
SPEC file:

It doesn’t popup in list of application when pressing the windows key. I have been unable to get it to update that database. Or maybe it is a problem that there is only a 32x32 image.

I fixed the problem of it not showing up in list of applications. I misunderstood the TryExec entry in the desktop file. I’ve returned with a new rpm. This is for the gdnativegamerzilla plugin. If I’m going to do an article on packaging Godot games, I need to have an answer for gdnative code. The spec file is ugly. I’m open to improvements. The idea is that a game would put it’s pck file in /usr/share/[gamename]. It would create gdnative/linuxbsd in that directory. Then it would have a symlink from /usr/lib64/ to that directory. At which point you can do:

cd /usr/share/[gamename]
godot-runner --main-pack [gamename].pck

I’ll probably have a shell script in bin to perform that.

Source RPM:
SPEC file: