Packaging an alternate dictionary for cracklibs?

The cracklibs-dict package is … quite … comprehensive. It weighs in at
almost 10MB on disk. Modern password guidance emphasizes length rather than
complicated checks, and this 10MB payload is increasingly irrelevant. I’d
like to provide an alternative, using a list of the 10,000 most common
passwords found in password breeches
. This compresses down to about 1k, so
it’s significant space savings, and may result in less user frustration
while still giving some real protection against the worst choices – and
meeting security checklist items like “passwords checked against a

The problem is that cracklib seems to have a compile-time option for where
to find its dictionary. cracklib-dicts is already a subpackage, and a
cracklib-dict-10k-worst or something alternative package could just be a drop-in
replacement… except of course it would conflict. Is this an okay use of
Conflicts? If not, what should I do?

Not my area of expertise (I’m not a packager), but it looks like /usr/lib64/cracklib_dict.pwd is a symlink. Maybe it could be managed by the alternatives command?

Oh! Why so it is. It’s done in the install stage rather than with a scriptlet or alternatives, though. so that’d require some rethinking. I’m not a huge fan of alternatives as an approach, but maybe it is the best thing here.