Packagekitd keeps writing to logs, uses disk, ram and CPU

Sorry if I suggest random things.
Could you try to kill gnome-software and see if the issue is still here?
killall gnome-software

Unfortunately it doesn’t solve, I tried it.

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Ok. Let’s try to isolate the issue.
Since this continuous get-updates seems triggered by user id 1000 (your user), could you try to create a new user, log off and log in with such brand new user?

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Ok, changing user, the problem doesn’t seem to arise.
So at this point is there any user configuration calling packagekitd? which could be?

Mmh. Maybe some GNOME extension? Some user’s systemd timer? Some program that automatically start when the user log in?

I’ll have to look better. But a software shouldn’t start that way without knowing who starts it.
I exclude extensions because I have the same extensions in the other user. I’ve already removed dnfdragora, and it’s not him.
I’ll research what causes this very annoying problem and let you know if I have any news.
Thanks Alessio!

Maybe it is not an extension. But, have you enabled all the same extensions as well for the new user?

Eeeh. Who knows :slight_smile:

You could file an issue directly to PackageKit developers. Maybe asking (or searching in the issues) if there is a way to know who invoke it and maybe if it is possible to implement it in future releases.

Uh uh. In a previous screenshot I’ve seen that you use Byobu? Is it?
Maybe the issue is the following one?


Great Alessio!
He was just byobu! When I open byobu I have a flood of packagekit logs which stops as soon as I close it.


Have you searched if there is already a bug report, a solution or a workaround, related to that bad behavior? (Apart closing byobu :sweat_smile:)

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The workaround will be to not enable the updates notification bit in byobu. (I’ve been using byobu for years now and never used it, which is why I wasn’t seeing a similar flood).

So, in a byobu session, byobu-config and then toggle the updates notification off.

It really is a very weird way of polling for updates. Here’s the bug report against byobu: Bug #1828115 ""updates_available” feature floods PackageKit with... : Bugs : byobu

@emanuc If you can file an issue against the Fedora package, maybe the maintainer can modify this until upstream fixes it?

File a new bug in the “byobu” component of the “Fedora” product

You will be able to login to bugzilla using your Fedora account.


I reported it, hopefully right:


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