Oversaturated external monitor and color profile support of wayland

Hi, I’m using Fedora Asahi Remix (Fedora 38) on Mac mini and the external monitor looks oversaturated. I followed these instructions from Arch Wiki to manually load the color profile for my monitor using colormgr, restarted the computer, but the profile doesn’t seem to actually work. Even though it seems be applied in the System Settings > Color Management (see pics 1 below), colors are still very oversaturated. I’ve read somewhere that color management isn’t fully implemented on Wayland yet? In this blog, it also mentions Color Managment, which will be supported in KDE Plasma 6.

Are there any other methods to deal with this oversaturated issue on external monitor?

Also, the screenshots are just fine, but the viewing is truely oversaturated.


Indeed color management is not implemented yet in current release versions of KDE Wayland. You need to wait for Plasma 6.

In the meantime, perhaps you can switch your monitor to native sRGB mode?

Ok, thanks~ I just tweaked the saturation button on the monitor from the default 50 to 35 (max is 100), and it’s much better now, at least there are no harsh, oversaturated colors. But some color rendition are still a little off.