Overlay File System like in Raspberry PI

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We have Fedora Core 36 installed on a Raspberry PI and we’d like to know how to set the Overlay File System on the Fedora Core 36. In raspbian we have the raspi-config tool which is used to enable and disable the option. Is there any way to do the same thing in Raspberry PI?

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I believe Core is ostree based and thus only uses the overlay. You should read up on how the immutable system is managed. I have not delved into that but many use one of silverblue, kinoite, core, & IoT, all of which use ostree.

Here’s a useful link all about ostree and what Fedora spins use it:

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Thank you so much to both for your answers. I’ll look for both the immutable file system and for the OStree in the Fedora Core documentation.

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