Orphaning some packages

I have orphaned some packages I no longer use. Many of these supported sagemath. Since F38 reached EOL, there is no sagemath package in any supported Fedora release. Most of these packages are on their latest version, have no open bugs, and are not used by any other package in Fedora. Exceptions are noted below.


The Sagemath topic has come up in the past, is it now recommended to go with the container style builds? Makes more sense.

or the venv :

Yes, the collective opinion seems to be that keeping RPM builds going is more work than anyone is willing to put in. This is really too bad, as quite a few bug fixes flowed upstream from the work of packaging sagemath for Fedora.

Also, note that I omitted naga from the list of orphaned packages.


I’ll consider doin a 1,2,3 Quick tip for it in the future. Installing it in a Podman/toolbox for anyone new coming in.

And I now realize I should have orphaned a few more. Here they are:

I picked up python-zope-testrunner, since I comaintain many Mailman packages and this is a common dependency