Organize social hours in your preferred language

As far as I can tell, there is nothing stopping folks from organizing social hours in Fedora. We do have the main social hours every Thursday, but you could organize one whenever you want, whether it’s just with particular Fedora friends, within your team, or an open invite to the whole community (making sure to abide by the Fedora Code of Conduct.)

Along those lines, I think there’s an opportunity for people who prefer speaking languages other than English to hang out on a call! All it takes is someone to pick a date and provide the link to the call (or matrix room). For example, I heard the talk at Flock about wanting to see increased engagement with Fedora in Latin America. Why not have a Fedora Social Hour in Spanish?

If you do decide to coordinate a social hour, let us know in the Marketing Team either in this thread or in our matrix room and we can help promote it on social media. It would be cool to highlight the other cultures in our community and not have everything be so English-centric all the time.

Just please remember Code of Conduct. :pray:


I know you are looking at social hours, but when I first read your message in the CommOps Matrix room, I assumed you meant the social activities we traditionally run in our release parties (and were sorely absent for the last party).

I also think it would be nice to have a social activity organized during the break time in another language. It could be pictionary, gartic phone, code names, or anything else. Like you mentioned, we would need a moderator and/or facilitator to run the session and is confidently fluent in the language. For example, I think we could do this for Spanish at the F39 Release Party.