Option to install side by side in Anaconda installer

Please, if possible, add the function to install Fedora side by side to the already installed system, this would be practical for new users who don’t want to manually partition.

I doubt that could be done in an efficient manner.

It would mean the installer needed to automatically resize the existing install and would have to guess the space the user wanted to use. That amount of intelligence in the installer would be difficult to achieve and would essentially need to read the users mind or ask questions about their wishes. Faster and more reliable to do the partitioning of space by the user. It would still leave it up to the user for decisions and AI is not that smart for most things yet.

It is a good wish for the future though.

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I’ve seen something similar in the Ubuntu installer and its flavors, the option to install side by side. I don’t know if this function would be possible in Fedora

Installing side by side (dual boot) is quite possible as long as there is already enough unallocated drive space on the drive being used. If the drive is already fully allocated to an OS then the installer also has a check box to use that helps make more space available.

If you are referring to installing dual-boot with windows then use the windows disk manager to shrink the windows file system to allow enough space for a linux install. Once that is done then fedora will easily install into the space that is now unallocated on the same drive.

Doing so is not possible without user action to ensure adequate space is available for the install. Wiping out the existing install and using the entire drive for the install is possible, but it seems you want dual boot so it does require user action to prepare for an install.


I managed friend, it was very easy, when selecting the partition, I managed to reduce the size of the current partition to use in Fedora. Thank you for your help.