Optimus / Ext Monitor

I have a problem, I will be grateful for any answer. I’m using a laptop with Optimus and a monitor connected via displayport. In Windows, when you connect a monitor and turn off the built-in display, the Optimus automatically turns off and only the discrete graphics card works. but Fedora doesn’t do that. I installed the drivers and tried to turn off the optimus (use a discrete card as the main one) as described in the guide, but it did not help. my laptop does not have the ability to switch the video card in the bios. Is there a way to disable the built-in monitor and make the additional monitor work from a discrete graphics card? I will be very grateful for the help, because the lags are annoying. also sorry for my english.

Hey, i had the same problem. Are you using Wayland? If yes turn it off. (Configuring Xorg as the default GNOME session :: Fedora Docs)

I used envycontrol to set my graphics card as the main card.

Ps: I have followed the guide but It didn’t really help me, I remember commenting out wayland in one of my config files but i don’t remember its name/place. I’ll write as soon as i figure it out

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oh mate thank you very much it helped! changing the window system turned out to be the solution! The envycontrol did not help me, mode just won’t switch, I tried before I asked for help, but all the actions done manually as described in the guide may have helped :slight_smile: thanks again and have a nice day, you helped me a lot and made my day!

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I had the exact same problem so I was sure it was the wayland acting up.

During login, on the screen where you enter the password there should be a ‘gear’ icon in the lower right corner. Select 'gnome with xorg ’ from that icon and it should log in with xorg without activating wayland. Repeated logins should then remain on xorg until the user switches using the same method.