Open-source metaverse?

I just wateched a presentation on the various tools needed for a metaverse-oriented project. I’m not into Zuck’s metaverse hype but I’m curious about what kind of projects can be created around the idea: Like an arts gallery, for example.

The best thing it that the OpenXR protocols are open-source but most projects I find down there are built using tools like Unity and Unreal Engine - both proprietary. So, my question here is: What are the alternatives to these tools?

What kind of tooks and framework can an open-source metaverse project use?

(I’m not a developer, just curious)

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I don’t like the hype of Zuck’s metaverse either |o|

But I’m equally curious about what kind of projects can be created around the idea.

Well, here in Brazil some courts have explored the metaverse in justice I find the promise quite interesting.

But if they tell me that my client has a Simpsons avatar, I fight a lot. I don’t like its application in a formal hearing, however, some courts have used metaverse for educational purposes.

For interns to have an initial contact with the courtroom

However, even before this explosion around the subject, I have expert colleagues who are exploring its application in the jury court. Yes, he distributes VR glasses to jurors, prosecutors and the judge for a scene immersion of the criminal fact.

And that is wonderful, but audiences I find terrible.