Online-accounts does not detect internet connection

On Fedora Cinnamon Spin Online-accounts gives me a message that there is no internet connection
and asks me to connect to create new online accounts.
My internet connection works fine , i guess this is a bug.
Any Help would be appreciated.

Do you have more than a network card on you system?

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i have an ethernet port which i don’t use at all and i have a usb wifi card.
I just went to network connections and deleted ethernet connection item ,
now online-accounts works , thank you very much.

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Nice. I’m happy that you solved your issue.

In fact, for me, the only way to reproduce this issue was to unplug the cable. If the cable was plugged in (and the link is up), but internet is actually unreachable, online-accounts doesn’t complain any connection issue.
So it seems that for some reason it monitors and detect if the interface has the link up. Maybe the Ethernet connection has a priority over the wifi one? :man_shrugging: