One kernel version was skipped

I noticed that a kernel number was skipped.
Is there a reason for this?
Here my output:

~$ dnf info kernel | grep Version
Version      : 5.18.10
Version      : 5.18.11
Version      : 5.18.13

My Sytem is Up to Date.
If there is a reason e.g. “error” I would like to know where I can read about it.
A link to a corresponding info page would be good.

Thank you

Please see:

sudo dnf info kernel 5.18.12


I am unaware of the cause of this particular skip, but historically I have often seen similar skips in kernel versions on my PC. Mostly due to delays between times I update.

Fedora releases kernel versions as testing proves them viable. They do not release versions that show problems, and the minor version number (build number) is really not a concern as long as you know that fedora deemed it satisfactory for release.

The changelog contains the formal answer to the question. However, to avoid misunderstandings: this is nothing Fedora-specific but a general Linux phenomenon.

A more detailed (and maybe also more easy to understand) information can be found here:

So the whole kernel 5.18.12 is more or less only a fix that removes one commit to mitigate data loss of users who have a specific driver. In short: 5.18.12 = 5.18.11 - 1 buggy commit :slight_smile: The buggy commit is from 5.18.8. But there was no need to get 5.18.12 if this driver is not used.


Okay, thanks for the LInk. So there seems to be no special channel at Fedora. I have searched for a long time but only

I don’t have a problem with it and even find it relaxing that people take care of it and take responsibility to the community to prevent erroneous releases, whether it happens on the part of Fedora or

Thanks for your answers.

WOW, thanx.
My post overlapped with yours. Thanks for your explanation.