One fedora website does not support https this website does not support https

Is that actually related to the fedora project? You might want to report the issue to them directly.

There is a link at the bottom of the page.


Yes, it’s just very dated now, it’s been around awhile, and Im under the impression there is confusion how it fits into the revamp of fedora project websites.

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It’s actually 100% deliberate. It does do https, but redirects to http.

The reason is because many of the blogs that are aggregated there are http. If the site was https, browsers would complain that there’s non https content, so we just redirect it to http to avoid this.

There’s plans to move to a new aggregator, which might also be a good time to ask everyone with a blog there to make sure it can do https. There’s no ETA on that however.


now a days there is no reason not to have https for whatever contain isthere

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Hey @kevin, just curious – is there a good place to follow for updates on the Planet migration?

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I am also curious about the migration status and, more specifically, if there is anything I can do to help.

This thread on the infrastructure list: planet - infrastructure - Fedora Mailing-Lists

There is a container setup with pluto and a fedora theme/blogs to test. I had some trouble getting it working, but once we have that working well we can look at rolling it out.

Thanks, @kevin. That is indeed an excellent discussion.