Old askbot-based Ask Fedora archives are gone — look for new answers here instead!

Hi folks,

Just an FYI: the askbot.fedoraproject.org archives are gone. The instance was hosted by Askbot upstream, and the Fedora community had little control over its management. It was read-only for a long time, and then its security certificate expired, leaving the archives are no longer accessible.

A majority of the relevant information from the old site has already been duplicated here or over on Fedora Quick Docs. If you can’t find the solution here or in the documentation, please ask a new question here.

Thanks for all your help and understanding.


Since it’s been a while and this information is no longer new, but many people are still coming in from old URLS, I’ve re-phrased the post to be past-tense.

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Hello, visitors coming from old Askbot links! Were you able to find the information you were looking for?

  • Yes: in an existing Q&A
  • Yes: in existing docs
  • Yes: by asking and getting an answer
  • No: I asked and got some replies but no solution
  • No: I asked and didn’t even get a reply
  • No: I looked and gave up
  • No: I didn’t even bother

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I know you need to have an account to vote. I appreciate the effort to provide us with feedback! If you have more to say, please start a new thread in the #site-feedback category. Thank you!

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