Oh no! Something has gone wrong | Admin your system | first steps

Sometimes an update can get wrong and make your system display the message above.
If you are your own Administrator you can try to press the
CtrlAlt & F3 keys and log in on the console.

First you can check the command sudo dnf upgrade --refresh and see if there are just files missing because the update got interrupted. Run the update selecting y and hit enter. If the update finishes with no error, you can restart your system and see if you can login again.

If there is an error it will show you what the problem is. If it is a problem with a certain package, you can try to downgrade it like sudo dnf downgrade PAKETNAME (replace the PAKETNAME with the name of the package appearing in the error message)

If you can’t solve the problem, please write down the error message and create a new topic with enough information about what you did and about your system, so we can assist to solve your problem.

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Had exactly same issue this morning. Switched to text-only TTY (Ctrl+Alt+F2). Logged in , removed the mesa-vdpau-drivers-freeworld-23.0.2-1.fc37.1.x86_64, which caused package update conflict, then sudo dnf update, restarted my PC and the system booted as expected.

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Please let the -y away when you post here. There are a lot of newcomers here without knowing what this means. Without the -y it is possible to see what will be installed and removed and you still can interrupt the command if you do not like something.

I had this message yesterday. Also because of the mesa dirivers.

Fixed. Linux assumes responsibility for what one does :smiley:

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This is now documented here:

I made this Topic here independent of the mesa problem. It says on the error, please contact a system administrator.

The majority of Fedora users are the own admins.

This particular error could be prevented if the packages always were in sync for all dependencies. The cause seems a packaging error and/or timing issues without strict enough requirements.