Official Fedora Chat launch checklist

My problem with the draft announcement (as I’m reading it now) is that it says too much. Why do we care about talking about Discourse when we’re talking about Matrix? There’s too much going on in this, talking about too many things.

In all the hubbub, it generally fails to clearly talk about and the move from IRC to Matrix as the primary real-time/synchronous chat venue. It’s also just kind of unclear about what the reader should do in the end.

So I guess what I’d say about it is: rethink and simplify. What is the exact message we’re trying to convey here? And what should the reader do after reading this article?

Hmm. I did attack it as more of a call-to-action type thing to get people to become more involved with the Fedora Project. And I think when Matrix was launched[1], Discourse was still pretty new. (Maybe it had been around for a year or so, I’m not sure.) Did we ever do an announcement for Discourse? If not, I don’t really see a problem with advertising both services in the same post. I see them as interoperable and under the same “communications channels at your disposal” umbrella. In any case, I’m not really seeing the problem in being a little more wordy. “Join the conversation” (i.e. the title of the post) is the main theme of the post. That is what we want people to do.

Edit to add: The following sentence is in the second paragraph. I think it is pretty straight-forward.

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to sign up for a Fedora account, browse to, and explore the vast world that is the Fedora Project via Matrix.

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I’ve made the top post here a “wiki” post, so that anyone[1] should be able to check off items (or add new ones).

  1. except TL1 users ↩︎

The second paragraph of the proposed article has been modified to be more explicit about the Matrix space but keep the general “open conversation” topic in the rest of the article.

Is this change adequate? There appears to be a need for a more formal announcement about the fact that the Fedora Project has moved primary communications to Matrix for real time communication. It is inferred in a lot of places but there are a lot of check-off items on Matthew’s list that need to be completed to make this more official (IMHO).


The message is crystal clear: get involved in Fedora, participate in project communication, and for that various options exist, each for different purposes and goals.

It is a “join in” encouragement and guidance, precisely that, not too much information and no " hubbub".

Perhaps you are reading this with an unfound bias?

Just so anyone following the discussion is aware, this article is tentatively scheduled for 2023-02-06.

Aside from any minor editing it will be published “as is” so if anybody has suggestions, edits, or additions, please let us know as soon as possible.

Thanks for your contributions, so far.

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Unfortunately, I am not able to view/proofread the article as I get a 404 for it. Do people need some minimum TL or are there any other requirements so people are able to access it?

It’s separate from Discourse, so not TL — but you probably can see it if you log into the the Magazine at Log In ‹ Fedora Magazine — WordPress

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