Off channel conversation regarding edits

@glb @jakfrost Is it possible to have a private channel conversation regarding edits on a specific article? I seem to have run into a conflict and need some clarity (and clearer heads).


Hi @rlengland ,
Sure, what’s up?

I see that the systemd article that you’ve been assigned has images of command line examples instead of preformatted text. We prefer preformatted text. You can send the article back to the author and request that those be changed.

Actually, looking at it more closely just now, some of the code examples appear to be broken as well. Also, they are suggesting putting custom scripts under /usr/bin, which is not the right place for them.

Since we already have a systemd series on the magazine that is of better quality than this one, I think it might be best to just cancel this one. Go ahead and let the author know that we’ve decided not to run this article because we already have one that we think is of higher quality. Let the author know that they are welcome to try again but ask that they choose a different topic that has not already been covered in a previous magazine article.


Sounds good. I had corrected the preformatted items, edited language and smooth out the “conversational” tone and was just getting ready to work through the commands when it was suddenly back to where it was with graphics added. :-/

I’ll let the author know. Thanks for the support. And you too, @jakfrost

What do we do with the article at this point? Delete it in WP and delete the card? (after some appropriate time)

You can, but you don’t have to. There is other old, never-published, content in WP as well that maybe we could/should cleanup at some point. I don’t think it matters either way.