Oculink and eGPUs?

Sorry, if this isn’t the right place to ask this question. It is my first question, I searched the forum and didn’t find any mention about Oculink. I recognize that this is most likely a niche question.

This is a question of compatibility with hardware. Lenovo has two Thinkbook models the 14+ and the 16+ 2024 that has Oculink ports.

I wonder if one get those laptops if they would work with eGPUs using Linux as the OS. The idea is to avoid the dual boot Windows need.

Perhaps to not make this hardware specific bound, does anyone knows if Oculink normally has native compatibility with Linux?

As of my knowledge, Oculink is PCIe over a wire. A pretty cool tech IMO. Yes it does work on Linux and there are videos of External GPU’s and other devices running. Since it’s basically PCIe it works pretty well.

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Hey, thank you for the cordial receptive response. It is very exciting to explore this technology. Specially because still we won’t have in the next mobile Intel Lunar Lake the Thunderbolt 5 support. Since we have a few eGPU docks for Oculink already and they are superior in terms of performance compared to Thunderbolt 4 I believe it worth getting a hardware and experimenting on it. The Lenovo solution is quite intriguing because it somehow seems to have managed the hot-plug capability. For my case, the eGPU setup is like the unicorn. A light small powerful laptop plugging in a dock that has a powerful GPU would deliver the dream that I’m waiting for years.

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The only thing I’ve seen outside a server, is x4 which for a GPU might come with performance degradation. I’m not sure if it’s PCIe3/4/5@x4 but hardware implementation is noteworthy.

I think there could be a future where Oculink will replace HDMI and accompany DisplayPort on devices seein how Hostiile HDMI forum has gotten.