OBS Web Camera does not show up in Fedora33 / Chrome Browser

Hi there,

I have a problem with my OBS dummy cam I have been using with Chroma Key (Green Screen) in Google Chrome. The cam does not cause any issues with Firefox or any other native client like Zoom, Teams whatsoever…

But the OBS Cam does not show up in Google Chrome at all (Very important since I need it with my work).

My assigned physical or logical Device to the correspondent camera are all there.

v4l2-ctl -D -d /dev/video0 (The video0 is my v4l2 Loopback Device)
v4l2-ctl -D -d /dev/video2 (The video2 device is my integrated Webcam)
v4l2-ctl -D -d /dev/video3 (The video3 device is my external C930e Logitech Webcam).

I get no error message what could cause the problem. My co-workers, also on there route with Fedora and the same cam, they apparently have no problems unlike me with using the Cam in chrome.