OBS-Studio // Webcam in Chrome


for months we are using OBS Studio with a Green Screen behind me at Red Hat. with Firefox, Zoom, Teams ect… the “virtual OBS Cam” shows up and I can work, so no problem here. But with Chrome, I only can see the external physical Logitech 930e Cam and my internal laptop cam (IBM Thinkpad 480s). I neither can see the Cam in the Chrome settings itself nor in my meet.google.com settings. I have been plowing through a lot of community article without success. The Cam does not appear in google-chrome. Chrome is the Standard Browser at Red Hat, can’t use Firefox for some stateless apps.
As mentioned, with all other apps/browsers I can chose between the three cams, only with Chrome I can’t.


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Is this possibly Selinux or fire jail restrictions that need to be adjusted to allow access? I know I have firejail which would not allow this to work. For me firejail would block this it even blocks the simple screen recorder.


I’m neither using selinux nor fire jail and therefore I would rather exclude both possibilities.

I would test renaming your config and cache file .config/google-chrome .cache/google-chrome to.config/google-chrome~ .cache/google-chrome~ with browser closed to back it up and see if a fresh chrome sees the cam as a test? If that failed I would be asking on Googles support.

Good Luck


thanks for the hints. Did both, without success. Although the profile had been generated from scratch the Camera still does not appear.