OBS Studio on F32

did you get a different result with OBS flatpak on F32?

preview blackscreen

I think the update of the xdg-desktop-portal solves …

I’d recommend using the real package, instead of the Flatpack.

“real” packages does not have these plugins…

Posting that dnf/rpm packages are “real” and flatpaks are not - in a subforum dedicated to an immutable OS without dnf support - is some pretty advanced trolling, I’ll give him that.


The flatpak version of OBS does work in the Silverblue 32 pre beta version it will probably work in the workstation version as well. You need to go into an Xorg session to use it. Remember F32 and Silverblue 32 are pre release versions so there are still bugs that need to be squashed. That’s the trade off of using a pre release version of any software.

Indeed, and not to mention that the flatpaks being built on Fedora’s repo are indeed made from the very same RPMs that go into the (“real”) workstation variant. Nor to point out that rpm-ostree uses libdnf to help give it the layering capability (read: DNF is part of Silverblue too). This also might be a good time to point out that flatpaks are containers and Silverblue is a container-centric OS.


Can anyone post the container.yaml?

Well, flatpacks aren’t packages. That said, I didn’t realize it was the
Silverblue thing, missed the subject line. Unlike proper mailing lists, I get
everything from the forum thrown into one folder. Sorry about that.

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$ flatpak info -M com.obsproject.Studio

Isn’t the only way to use “Screen Capture (XSHM)” source?

I don’t want to use XSHM, but the “desktop screencast plugin (Wayland / X11)” it needs the latest xdg-desktop… https://feaneron.com/2020/02/24/even-better-screencast-with-gnome-on-wayland/

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however with 0.3 pipewire. on F31 has not yet received this version …

Works on Wayland with this plugin? This is a great news.
Does the FlatPack version supports Jack Audio too?? That would be great.

wayland/x11, I’m not sure about jack