OBS-open build service

How to install and use open build service (OBS) and OBS package installer(opi) in fedora 35

Can you look into the wiki website of obs they have detailed explanation for all distros


If you want to build packages in OBS, osc (Open Build Service Commander) and obs-build(OBS build script) are both available for Fedora in the default repositories.

If you want to install packages from OBS, obi is not available for Fedora and based on its description: OBS Package Installer: Search and install almost all packages available for openSUSE and SLE I don’t think it is designed to be used for other distributions than OpenSUSE/SLES.

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Dude thanks for reply
I asked for open build service not open broadcaster software

Opensuse and fedora both have same low level implementation (rpm)
if any case can I able to install software from obs?

I think it is makes more sense if you think of rpm as a mid-level, not a shared lower level. What’s put in rpms for openSUSE is different from what goes in Fedora Linux. Open Build Service can build rpms targeted at a Fedora base, but not all rpms will work.


Thankyou :+1: