OAuth 2 linked account


how can I remove the Oauth linked account under preference ? Because I want to remove the email associated with that.


You can not remove and be without email.

Under the profile Picture you have to click on the e624a8274aa6758e2911b1e35ed484764d70616f.png Icon to change the email.

To use a single login for the fedora community accounts it is also good to check https://accounts.fedoraproject.org/ and set on ask fedora the same as in accounts.

Thanks for your answer.

How can I change this OAuth 2 email ?

Check your profile and set/change email as you need. Then use the credentials from accounts.fedoraproject.org to log in to discussion.fedoraproject.org . It is a single login.

If it not works, you might have to accept the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement first.

Thanks it works after acepting the FPCA