NVME fails on wakeup from suspend mode

I use a Dell precision 7920 desktop, with a Toshiba 256GB nvme disk (kernel driver nvme) and a Seagate ST2000DM001 2GB hard drive. The boot (vfat) and root (ext4) partitions are located on the the nvme disk, and the home on a lvm2 partition on the hard drive.
The problem is that the after waking up from a suspend mode, the system becomes unresponsive: I can move the mouse cursor, and get a response from the keyboard, but nothing works, and I have to shut down the system by a long press on the power button.

On the console screen (TTY2?) I get a long list of error commands like:
EXT4-fs error (device nvme0n1p2): __ext4-get_inode_loc:4697: inode $12453342: block 49807423: comm systemd-journal: unable to read itable block

and some similar long error messages. nvme0n1p2 is my root partition.
A yrar a go I started with Ubuntu 18.04 installation, and I had failures once every several wakeups, when I upgrades to 19.4 I got failure at every wakeup. I formated te nvme partitions and installed fedora 30, but the problem ramined.

Thanks for your help